About the Journal

National academy of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the owner of eight top-rated academic journals, including the "News of NAS RK. Series of chemistry and technology" journal, which are published since 1946 and distributed to the National libraries of 73 countries.

In 1963, the first issue of the "News of NAS RK. Series of chemistry and technology" journal was released - one of the world's largest scientific journals, published once in every two months.

The main purpose of the journal is primarily in the publication of reports on large-scale scientific studies having priority. The journal is printed messages of original and unpublished research in the field of chemistry, devoted to various aspects of theoretical chemistry, chemical analysis, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, electrochemistry, chemical materials science, the authors of which are members of the NAS RK, as well as members of other academies and prominent scientists of foreign countries. In addition, scientists of educational institutes, universities and scientific-research institutes of the country take part in working of the journal.

Over the years the journal succeeded in finding its face, developing its own style of presenting material adhering in the same time strict principles of academic science.




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