• S. D. Fazylov, Zh. B. Satpayeva, O. A. Nurkenov, A. B. Tateyeva, G. K. Karipova, D. S. Issabekova, Zh. S. Akhmetkarimova

Ir analysis of the liquid product obtained by extraction processing coal     5-9

  • B. T. Tuktin, E. K. Zhandarov, L. B. Shapovalova

The hydrotreating of gazoline and diesel oil fractions on modified zeolite catalysts KGO     10-15

  • A. Zh. Kubasheva, B. Tuktin

Modified by chromium and boron zeolite containing catalysts of the conversion of liquefied petroleum gas     16-22

  • А. B. Bаyeshоv, G. Тоktar, B. E. Mirzabekov

Cathodic redaction of previously dissolved elemental sulfur in alkaline with formation of sulfide ions     23-28

  • A. S. Tukibayeva, Bogusława Łęska, Lukasz Tabisz

Comparison of nucleophilic substitution reactions between 3-chloroalkylsiloxanes and amines under different conditions of classical and microwave-assisted synthesis     29-37

  • Ainur Tukibayeva, Balzhan Kabylbekova, Radosław Pankiewicz, Natalia Musiał, Bogusława Łęska and Volodymyr I. Rybachenko

Spectroscopic and theoretical study of erythromycin and amphotericin B cation complexes     38-43

  • S. Aidarova, A. Tleuova, A. Sharipova, N. Bekturganova, D. Grigoriyev, R. Miller

Study of polymerized emulsions formed spontaneously and contained active substances     44-51

  • B. K. Kasenov, Sh. B. Kasenova, Zh. I. Sagintaeva, A. A. Seysenova, E. E. Kuanyshbekov

New nanosized ferro-chrome-manganites LaMeIFeCrMnO6,5 (MeI – Li, Na, K) and their x-ray studies     52-56

  • B. K. Kasenov, Sh. B. Kasenova, Zh. I. Sagintaeva, A. A. Seysenova, E. E. Kuanyshbekov

New nanosized ferro-chrome-manganites NdMeIFeCrMnO6,5 (MeI – Li, Na, K) and their x-ray studies     57-62

  • S. Tursynbek, A. Bakkara, K. K. Kudaibergenov, S. Lyubchyk, Ye. K. Ongarbayev, Z. A. Mansurov

Synthesis and studying physico-chemical properties of expanded graphite    62-68

  • O. A. Golovanova, Sh. K. Amerkhanova, M. Zh. Zhurinov, A. S. Uali

The elemental composition of pathogenic minerals as an indicator of the ecological state of some regions     69-76

  • A. E. Konurbaev, A. S. Myryshova, A. B Baeshov

Anodic dissolution of zinc elektrode in the solution of sodium sulfite     77-81

  • A. T. Massenova, Sh. A. Gil’mundinov , D. Sh. Kassenova, L. R. Sassykova, K. S. Rakhmetova, V. N. Bunin, Zh. T. Basheva, А. K. Ussenov

Synthesis of nanostructured catalysts based on palladium for neutralizing of harmful emissions of motor transport     82-88

  • L. R. Sassykova, K. S. Rakhmetova, A. T. Massenova, Sh. A. Gil’mundinov, Zh. T. Basheva, M. Kalykhberdyev, A. Ussenov

Degree of conversion of nitric oxide and stability of the block catalysts in the processes of exhaust gas cleaning     89-96

  • S. K. Kussanova, S. S. Itkulova, Z. E. Kenzhebulatov, Y. A. Boleubayev, A. I. Tumabayevа

CO2 reforming of methane over bimetallic Сo-М/Al2O3 catalysts     96-103

  • I. A. Shlygina, A. R. Brodskii, B. K. Musaev, A. A. Shapovalov

Quantum-chemical modeling of Rh, Pd small clusters adsorption on the faces of α-AL2O3 mono-crystal     104-109

  • I. A. Shlygina, A. R. Brodskii, I. S. Chanysheva, B. K. Musaev

Quantum-chemical modeling of Cu-La atoms and clusters location on the faces of α-AL2O3 mono-crystal     110-117

  • Z. E. Kenzhebulatov, S.S. Itkulova, S.K. Kussanova, A.I. Tumabayeva, Y.A. Boleubayev

Syngas production by dry and combined co2-steam reforming of methane over polymetallic Сo-containing catalysts     117-125

  • A. E. Konurbaev, A. B Baeshov, G. N. Ibragimova, A. S. Myryshova

Receiving the mixed salts of iron and aluminium by polarization of electrodes with alternating current     126-133

  • Zh. B. Kudyarova, A. V. Mironenko, A. B. Kazieva, Z. A. Mansurov

Fiberglass catalysts of carbon dioxide conversion of methane     133-138

  • A. B. Bayeshov, A. S. Kadirbayeva, A. K. Bayeshova

Creation of the chemical source of current with use of galvanic pair «lead-iron oxide (III)» in the carbonate solution     138-143

  • V. N. Statsjuk, L. A. Fogel, U. Sultanbek

Effect of alkaline earth metals and zinc phosphonates on corrosion processes of brass and iron in highly mineralized waters     144-148

  • M. A. Dyusebaeva, S. N. Kalugin, Sh. S. Akhmedova

Synthesis of ethers based on unsaturated alcohols of heterocyclic series     149-153

  • A. N. Imangaliyeva, G. А. Seilkhanova, D. N. Akbayeva, Zh. K. Karibayeva

Sorption of Cu (II), Ni (II) AND Cd (II) by modified natural materials     154-160



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